At Vaudra, we are passionate about protecting your interests and helping you succeed. We provide global investigation services focused on uncovering actionable intelligence to drive informed decisions, all from our Huntersville, NC office. Our investigative acumen, creativity, industry knowledge, and resources are an unbeatable combination that makes us your crucial ally. We succeed when your objectives are met, and you have the facts and evidence to support your action (or inaction).

“You are definitely going to be our go-to and I have been very pleased with the quality of your work, your responsiveness and your reasonable fees.”
“Our partnership has grown & progressed, and we are very happy with our relationship with Vaudra. We don’t use anyone else.”
“I am very impressed. You kept digging
and never gave up until you fully
identified the source. Thank you”

Offering investigation & consulting services such as:

Website Investigations
Corporate & Market Intelligence
Ecommerce / Retail Investigations
Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies
Product Supplier Investigations
Distributor Compliance

Online Enforcement Programs
Unauthorized Sales / Distribution
Evidential Sample Purchases
Trademark Use & Infringement
Social Media Enforcement
Domain Name Acquisitions

Case Studies