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Is it a coincidence that national Business Womens' Day is also our very own Tamara Rabenold's birthday? We think not! Today we celebrate all of our rock star female employees and clients who are out there everyday getting it done! #AmericanBusinessWomensDay ... See MoreSee Less

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A little Friday fun! https://t.co/uyWRGUoAtc #BrandProtectionSolutions #logo #Brand

Today we celebrate our rock star female employees and clients out there getting it done! #AmericanBusinesswomensDay

Thanks to @SarahAnneKeefe and @stephenfshaw @WCSRtweet for this great overview on the critical issue of fake drugs https://t.co/i1SObSd9qM

And yet another reason why dogs are so awesome! https://t.co/RK05mtMgUG #AntiCounterfeit #BrandProtectionSolutions

https://t.co/0QhVTk4l8v Trained To Sniff Out DVDs Are Demonstrated By The MPAA | Getty Images918635?share=embed_twitter

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Vaudra International – A Family Firm

It all started as a scribble on a cocktail napkin. Our founders, Randy Rabenold and Howard Dozier, first envisioned Vaudra International during a dinner conversation. Today over 14 years later, that scribble has become a [...]

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International Trademark Association’s 139th Annual Meeting

  Here at Vaudra International, we are gearing up for this years International Trademark Association’s 139th Annual Meeting in Barcelona, Spain! This year’s meeting runs May 20 - 24. It’s our 14th year in business, [...]

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Vaudra Ltd. Participates in Exclusive Training at One of the South’s Busiest Ports

Vaudra Ltd.’s investigators traveled to Charleston in August to meet with HSI/CBP authorities, tour the Port of Entry and conduct IP training on behalf of several brand owners. In the process, agents shared insights on their [...]

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A Decade of Building Relationships, Cracking Investigations & Protecting the Best Interests of our Clients

Ten years and thousands of investigations later, Vaudra Ltd., has stayed true to the founding principles of integrity, innovative solutions, and quality customer service. Thank you to our incredible clients, friends and colleagues, that we [...]

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NYPD Intelligence Division 9/11 Memorial Golf Tournament

Once again, it is time for the annual 9/11 Memorial tournament organized by the Intelligence Division of the New York City Police Department. This year, it will be held on Wednesday, June 27, 2012, at [...]

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IPRoadshows.com Hits the Web

IPRoadshows.com is a calendar of upcoming trainings and events pertinent to brand owners that are fighting the battle of fake goods.  This site can be used as a quick reference to check on immediate law [...]

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