How conflicts of interest impact the work of a Private Investigator There are many variations on the definition of a “conflict of interest.” According to the Business Dictionary, a conflict of interest is “a situation [...]

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Why specialized private investigators can make or break a counterfeiting prosecution Counterfeiting is one of those crimes every successful business fears. Trademark counterfeiting is particularly worrisome. The crime can take many different forms, but simply [...]

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Vaudra International – A Family Firm

It all started as a scribble on a cocktail napkin. Our founders, Randy Rabenold and Howard Dozier, first envisioned Vaudra International during a dinner conversation. Today over 14 years later, that scribble has become a [...]

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International Trademark Association’s 139th Annual Meeting

  Here at Vaudra International, we are gearing up for this years International Trademark Association’s 139th Annual Meeting in Barcelona, Spain! This year’s meeting runs May 20 - 24. It’s our 14th year in business, [...]

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Vaudra Ltd. Participates in Exclusive Training at One of the South’s Busiest Ports

Vaudra Ltd.’s investigators traveled to Charleston in August to meet with HSI/CBP authorities, tour the Port of Entry and conduct IP training on behalf of several brand owners. In the process, agents shared insights on their [...]

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A Decade of Building Relationships, Cracking Investigations & Protecting the Best Interests of our Clients

Ten years and thousands of investigations later, Vaudra Ltd., has stayed true to the founding principles of integrity, innovative solutions, and quality customer service. Thank you to our incredible clients, friends and colleagues, that we [...]

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Vaudra International


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For the latest insights from the front lines of tracking down #Counterfeiters - the President of Vaudra International, @vaudra, was quoted in this issue of "The Brand Protection Professional". https://t.co/7ejRXXuAQm

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