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At Vaudra International, we support our clients’ IP initiatives and related investigative needs, through modern, relevant & effective brand protection strategies.

Invaluable intellectual property resource with global reach & practical solutions

Whatever your perspective, we provide investigative solutions tailored to address the trademark owner, brand or counsel’s IP concerns & corporate objectives. Our clients benefit from our breadth of experience, ingenuity & industry knowledge.

What we do

Our focus is reaching your IP & brand protection goals effectively.

Evidential Purchases

Discreet & meticulously documented, buys are a keystone for many successful cases.
The purchase & related transactional evidence is a critical step in any action plan.
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Patent Investigations

We focus on gathering evidence & supporting documentation for your assessment.
Patents are complex, and related investigations often follow suit.
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Customized On Demand

Not all services fit in a box. We craft solutions designed to tackle the tasks & answer the unknowns.
Based on what you need right now (or yesterday), our favorite service is the one unique to you.
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Trademark Use Investigations

The trademark investigation, whether to determine use, non-use or intent to use, is fundamental.
Need a reasonable investigation in accordance with the TMA? We have your back.
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Anonymous IP Acquisitions

While domain acquisitions are most common, our expertise extends to any potential IP of interest.
Trademarks, patents & social media handles are all fair game with the right strategy.
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Brand Protection Consulting

Simple or complex, domestic or international, online or on-ground, where do you start?
As a brand protection agency, we develop comprehensive strategies around your IP objectives.
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  • Initiate – We connect on your objectives, parameters & questions to determine the most effective strategy forward.
  • Execute – Our team launches into your investigation with focused intention, openly communicating our progress & findings.
  • Evaluate – Armed with the facts, the ball is in your court. We are game to support your next move or retarget if the goalpost moves.
  • Cultivate – Each interaction is a new opportunity to prove our value. We strive to be your go-to resource every time, everyday.
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The greatest efficiencies are built from time & trust

Our passion for the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) industry, investigations and building client relationships is evident in each case and every communication.

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Covering Some Basics

Frequently Asked Questions

Intellectual property (IP) refers to ideas & creations of one’s imagination that give birth to inventions, art, literature, designs, images, symbols & names. Intellectual property is what helps make a company or brand unique, stand out & be distinguishable from another.

The main types are trademarks, copyrights, patents & trade secrets. Each relates to a unique area of IP that is protectable in different ways. Trademarks, copyrights & patents may be registered to record ownership. The process to record rights to include what, when & how it may be registered, varies by jurisdiction.

Examples are many of the iconic names, symbols & phrases that you associate with your favorite product or brand, whether Nike’s swoosh & “Just Do It” or McDonald’s Golden Arches. More unusual examples of intellectual property include colors like Tiffany Blue, sounds like the one between scenes on Law & Order, or scent like the smell of Play-Doh.    

IP investigations are cases related to potential intellectual property, like trademarks, trade dress, copyrights, or design & utility patents.

IP investigators are private investigators who specialize in intellectual property cases. From their relevant knowledge & experience, they will have a comprehensive understanding of the evidence that often makes or breaks these types of cases – & are likely to offer more value to positively impact the outcome. In any field, there are intrinsic benefits of collaborating with subject matter experts.

Vaudra helps companies & brands protect their IP by compiling evidence to defend a trademark owner’s intellectual property rights. You don’t know what you don’t know. As investigators, we aim to bridge that gap, uncovering the facts impacting your intellectual property so that you make informed decisions on potential next steps.

In a world where the unscrupulous are eager to profit from your ideas, you need help to retain & protect the value of those assets. Whether involving attorneys, law enforcement, other service providers or (ideally) a combination, investigators are an invaluable resource to incorporate.

One will flounder without the other. Brand protection is a comprehensive term for the process & actions rights owners take to protect their intellectual property (IP). Registering intellectual property is critical to make brand protection possible.

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