140th INTA Conference – Seattle, Here We Come!

With the 140th INTA Conference only days away, Vaudra International looks forward to making new connections and revisiting with those familiar faces whom we see each year. Considering there are 10,000+ registered attendees from over 150 countries, it is no surprise that it is an action-packed event, as so many play scheduling Jenga®, trying to fit in all the meetings, coffees & cocktails, while still allowing for time to visit the exhibitors and attend a few CLE sessions.

Through the years, we have found that many of our customers do not have an opportunity to sight-see or grab a souvenir for the spouse or child back home. While it is convenient that many of the cocktail events and parties take place at landmark venues around the city, what about a treat to share with that special someone upon your return? Vaudra International has you covered, offering local truffles from Seattle Chocolate and ‘I Love Seattle’ Mad Libs.

Whether you are looking for something sweet or a classic word game with a local twist, we are glad to share these local tokens with our customers & colleagues, as a little reminder of our time together in Seattle. We won’t tell anyone if the truffles don’t quite make it home…

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