About Us

How It All Started

Vaudra International’s foundation was established decades ago by business partners and friends, Randall Rabenold & Howard Dozier, both reputable investigators within the private sector and former law enforcement officers (U.S. Secret Service & Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department). Their IPR-related investigative careers began at Colt Investigations in the early 1990s, a company that pioneered investigative techniques never used in the IPR industry before.

Nearly twenty years later, the partners established Vaudra Ltd., now known as Vaudra International. The name originated from the French verb, “valoir,” meaning, “to be worth.” While an usual origin, it seemed appropriate considering our corporate focus to protect the worth of our clients, including their ideas, businesses and related intellectual property. We strive to contribute to that worth through the value of our services and expertise, while remaining cost competitive.

Growing and evolving through the years, we are a team of dedicated brand protection specialists with varied backgrounds and investigative experience that fuels our collective success for clients and as a company. We focus on your end goal and reaching it efficiently while maintaining the integrity of the investigation and viability of the evidence to best support your case.


Our core philosophy centers on building collaborative relationships, exceptional service and representing our clients’ best interests at all times.

We recognize that the greatest efficiencies are built from time and trust. As a testament to that belief, many of our clients have used our services for years, some well over a decade. These enduring relationships and the referrals that result from them prove that we are meeting our foundational goals of contributing worth and value in everything that we do. Whether seasoned from many years or budding & new, developing and fostering these relationships through conversation, cooperation and high-quality service brings us pure joy.


The combination of databases, open-source intelligence (OSINT) and creativity differentiates our tradecraft. Ingenuity is our greatest resource in discovering new avenues for information, improving our probability of success when others have failed.

This approach extends to internal collaboration, covert resources and outsourced assets, all integrated seamlessly. Our virtual investigative techniques empower our global reach, with the flexibility to engage our international network of investigators, informants and specialists for additional support when needed.

How does this benefit you? It means that by working with us, you are connected to a resource that expands your reach infinitely. Whether you require a sample buy from Anytown, USA, or a subject investigated in Timbuktu, we are able to support your efforts.


Greater Charlotte area, North Carolina


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