Why Vaudra?


Attentive Alliance

Engaging an investigator should be the highlight of your day. It should be easy, smooth and seamless as you explain what you need; leaving it in our capable hands so you may focus your time and efforts elsewhere. Most of our customers have worked with us for over 5 years. With every case, Vaudra strives to build on those long-term relationships and begin new ones. We aim to develop a synergy with you as we move towards a common goal.


We balance our emphasis on customer relationships with informative and precise investigations. With our longevity in the industry, customers know that they can trust our innovative strategies and expertise to find new inroads in cases. As new technologies, tools and resources emerge, our mindset is forward-thinking to continually enhance our knowledge base. We are uniquely poised as experts with a team comprised of a combined 70+ years of corporate & IP-focused investigation experience.


As a small business, we understand the value of a dollar, and recognize the importance of protecting your investment. We seek to spend our time wisely, keeping our eye on your objectives and maximizing results within your budget. Our priority is customized, quality investigations at a fair price. Our expertise is invaluable in getting the most for your money.


Vaudra has a network of tried and tested information sources, experts, and investigators around the globe. As appropriate, we may engage these resources for a different perspective or for boots on the ground. Our standard business practice includes ensuring that any resource is properly licensed and insured as needed. Non-disclosure agreements are implemented to safeguard our and our customers’ information and interests.

Undercover Assets

We have another pool of resources that is as vast and deep as our professional network. Using our undercover companies and profiles, we have built and maintain an international web of informants, brokers, jobbers, wholesalers and suppliers. We are masters at utilizing this network to benefit investigations. The volume of counterfeit, diverted, stolen, legitimate and illegitimate goods in the market is astounding. We likely have a stock lot of your brand at our fingertips right now.

“We all have grown and developed into a great team. You are always up to the challenge and never say no. Thank you for being such a great partner for me and for the brand.”
“I know through experience and hundreds of cases that I can always rely on your depth of expertise and willingness to think outside the box to bring the best investigative tools to the table.”