Evidential Purchases


Evidence is king, shaping and informing what to do next. We provide discreet, controlled evidentiary purchases, methodically documented, while our investigators, and consequently our clients, remain anonymous. We go wherever your product is, completing purchases through smartphone applications, ecommerce websites, online marketplaces, social media forums or brick and mortar locations.

Whether the transaction occurs in the physical or virtual world, we use secure payment methods with shipments delivered to private mailbox locations. In most instances, we are able to satisfy any known jurisdictional requirement, whether domestic or abroad. Evidential purchases are regularly a component in other types of investigations like trademark counterfeiting, patent infringement, unauthorized seller & supplier identifications. Whatever the end game, a successfully completed purchase with related transactional evidence is a critical step in any action plan.

Why Us

Offering Intellectual Property (IP) investigations & brand protection solutions globally since 2003.


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