Family Firm Foils Fakes and Frauds

It all started as a scribble on a cocktail napkin. Our founders, Randy Rabenold and Howard Dozier, first envisioned Vaudra International during a dinner conversation. Today over 14 years later, that scribble has become a trusted investigation firm that succeeds in achieving results for their customers.

From the very start, Vaudra International focused on corporate and intellectual property investigations. In recent years, the services have expanded to other more common investigative work as referrals came in from individuals and family law attorneys who needed Vaudra’s expertise on domestic matters, too. Randy operates the company with Tamara, who was the first female investigator hired to work for the company back in 2004. The two married in 2015, after working together for over 10 years.

The Rabenolds, along with the rest of the Vaudra team, use their experience and skills to solve cases and find answers — whether looking for a missing heir, vetting a potential business partner, pursuing counterfeit goods on eBay or training law enforcement on how to authenticate a brand’s product. Customer service, professionalism and customized investigation services based on your situation, are Vaudra’s specialties.

Cybercrime and counterfeit products are ever-present in our consumer culture, and online shopping has only compounded the problem. The investigators at Vaudra are committed to obtaining the evidence to confront the criminals who prey on unsuspecting consumers and unfairly profit from the intellectual property of famous brands.

Based in Huntersville, North Carolina, the Rabenolds work with customers within the U.S., and abroad, and conduct investigations internationally. The team at Vaudra is passionate about what they do and uncovering the truth. All investigators are duly licensed through the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board. Tamara also volunteers with the non-profit private investigators association, the North Carolina Association of Private Investigators, serving on the Board of Directors as the Vice President of Programs and Education.

The team at Vaudra International is dedicated to our clients and their satisfaction. This mentality may explain why the team has worked with some of its customers since the company’s inception and that scribble on a cocktail napkin. Vaudra has become a trusted resource and investigative partner for its customers focused on the facts and finding solutions.

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