IPR Recordation, USCBP


Recording your trademark with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) should be a top priority and starting point in an effective, anti-counterfeiting strategy. Once your trademark is a reality with a registration number, it can be recorded through CBP’s Intellectual Property Rights e-Recordation (IPRR) digital application. This step is your first line of defense in preventing illegal imports of counterfeit products into the U.S. If CBP suspects a shipment to be counterfeit, they will access your e-Recordation information to authenticate the cargo and send you a notification of the seized products, importer and exporter details.

We are glad to record your trademarks for you so you can check it off your “To Do” list. Working with you to obtain the essential information, we understand what is needed, can streamline the process, and know-how to maneuver the CBP website and IPRR. Please note – Each registered trademark must be recorded separately.

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