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As of March 4th, we marched forth into a new era, our 20th year in business. A classic 80/20 rule, this is a milestone that only 20% of companies achieve. We are grateful to those who have been part of our journey, whether in the past, present or those yet to be.

One of the many aspects of the IP industry that we love is the fact that it feels small. We see familiar faces at every industry event, although some may be associated with a different company or firm than when we first met. Meanwhile, Vaudra has always been Vaudra notwithstanding the name tweak in 2017 from Ltd. to International to better encapsulate our global reach. Nothing ‘limited’ here!

Despite our longevity, it feels like we are sparkly, new & still coming into our own in so many ways. Part of it stems from the change in ownership in January 2021, as while Tamara Rabenold had been at Vaudra 17 years at that point, acquiring ownership completely shifted her perspective. The other aspect is the incredible growth and change this industry continues to see – with developments like the Trademark Modernization Act of 2020, the cannabis industry & it’s fight for federal IP protection, NFTs, blockchain, the metaverse, & the rapid evolution in artificial intelligence that is going to revolutionize how we operate, create & investigate.

Our vast experience from 20 years’ worth of IP investigations, strategies & challenges certainly fuels our future, but it is our constant learning & striving to innovate that will ignite it. This year is on fire already, so we’re excited to see how the blaze continues.

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