Patent investigations


Is a competitor or other party suspected of infringing on your or your client’s patent? Or do you want to ensure that your idea or intended patent does not infringe on an existing one? Whether as a proactive or reactive measure to understand what is offered in the marketplace, Vaudra International is available to support your efforts.

Patents are specialized and complex, and the investigations often follow suit. Our concentration is gathering the evidence and supporting documentation in order for you to evaluate how or if patent infringement may exist. Once the pertinent information and/or evidential sample is obtained, we work with you to determine if a possible patent acquisition may be feasible (should that be a route you wish to consider).

Patent acquisitions, more often than not, involve intricate subject matter and require advanced negotiation skills. Our investigators have the experience and skills necessary to orchestrate negotiations, in a discrete manner, ultimately leading to a favourable outcome for you or your client.   

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