The Buy/Bust – A Texas Takedown2018-03-27T16:45:57+00:00

Project Description

The Buy/Bust – A Texas Takedown

Customer’s Objective:

A wholesale apparel seller based outside of Houston was selling brand name apparel suspected to be counterfeit. Our tasks were to fully identify the subject company, determine authenticity of the product being offered, locate the storage location of the product and coordinate/execute the seizure of the goods with the proper law enforcement authorities.

Our Solution:

Using a suitable undercover approach, we contacted the Subject and obtained more details along with product samples. We negotiated a deal for the entire stock lot, and arranged an inspection of the goods as a condition of our purchase. With assistance from local industry contacts, Sherriff’s office and Homeland Security Investigations, a successful criminal action was conducted, seizing over 28,000 units, with two arrests and the identification of a container on the water containing more suspected counterfeit product.

Customer’s Win:

Over 28,000 counterfeit products seized and taken out of circulation. Identification of overseas company manufacturing the goods. Quick resolution to case, one month from case inception to seizure. Rapport built with Federal, Foreign, State and Local Law Enforcement agencies.