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Project Description

The Supplier- Imported with Purpose

Customer’s Objective:

Based on evidence from retail purchases, a U.S. wholesaler was suspected of offering counterfeit products. Our tasks were to determine if the wholesaler currently had counterfeit products and if so, execute an ex parte civil order at the wholesaler’s business.

Our Solution:

Working with our state and local law enforcement contacts, we assisted with the successful coordination, service and execution of the civil order, which resulted in the seizure of multiple tractor trailer loads of product. Post seizure, we utilized our expertise in document analysis and water shipment tracking. As a result, we were able to determine the wholesaler was dealing in counterfeit and legitimate goods containing our client’s trademarks. In addition, we identified the wholesaler’s importing patterns and the product manufacturers in China.

Customer’s Win:

Approximately 19,600 counterfeit products seized. Identification of factories supplying legitimate product. Identification of importing practices and circumvention techniques utilized by counterfeiters. Monetary settlement with Subject.