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Project Description

The Inspection – An International Web

Customer’s Objective:

An international wholesaler of counterfeit goods was identified as the source during an action against a U.S. wholesaler. Our client requested further investigation into the source entity to determine if counterfeit goods were still being sold.

Our Solution:

We fully identified the Caribbean-based wholesaler, established a business rapport and determined they were a broker (i.e. brokered the deals, but never took possession of the product). We confirmed availability of our client’s products in China. Working closely with our overseas assets and law enforcement agencies, we set up an inspection of the goods. As a result, we were able to conduct an inspection (in China) and pinpoint the location of the warehouse storing the counterfeit goods. An estimated 400 cartons (approx. 9,600 units) were seized and the owner of the goods was identified and arrested.

Customer’s Win:

Over 9,600 counterfeit products seized in China prior to them being exported to another country. Warehouse/factory location in China identified. Client’s ability to pursue civil action against Caribbean wholesaler/broker.