Outsourced Ally


Increase your capacity to serve clients & focus on more intensive tasks by delegating the incidentals to our capable team. Whether take-downs on social media, addressing counterfeits on Amazon or submitting DMCAs, outsource these concerns to experts on an as needed basis and at a lower billable rate than most paralegals. Lean on us for support & check these chores off your list.

Proficiency is what drives us

Our proficiency & ingenuity yield
cost-effective end-to-end solutions.

Comprehensive Resource

Brand / IP Owner / Corporation

Whether a single investigation or global brand protection program, we have the expertise to run the gamut with you. We enjoy collaborating & strategizing with our clients to explore how to best add value to their IP initiatives, and execute on our promises. As your one-stop shop to handle the simple or complex, our solutions are customized to meet your challenges & support your objectives.