Evidentiary Purchases – Identifying Infringers from Retail to Wholesale

Client’s Challenge:

Unknown persons or entities were selling a variety of caps & hats at a local flea market that infringed upon the client’s trademarks. The origin of the infringing products and identification of the company supplying the flea market vendor was the primary concern.

Vaudra’s Solution:

The only identifying information on the infringing cap was a hangtag that referenced an unknown brand & company name that was not found as a registered U.S. entity. Utilizing targeted searches and investigative techniques, Vaudra was able to identify the entity behind the brand and responsible for producing the infringing cap. Vaudra also identified additional subject wholesale locations in multiple states where the hats were sold. We visited several of the stores and completed undercover purchases from locations on the East & West coasts, documenting styles and quantities available. In researching import records for the entity, we were able to provide insight into the size and scale of the operation. We were able to gather sufficient evidence for the client to pursue civil action against the infringer.

Client’s Success:

Our client proceeded with a civil lawsuit against the infringer. Ultimately, the client settled the case and received just compensation from the subject entity. At a follow-up visit to one of the stores, no caps with the blatant infringing design were seen.

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