The Acquisition – Obtaining Key cc-TLD for Global Brand

Client’s Challenge:

The French counterpart of a global company based in the U.S. was contacted by a domain owner wanting to sell the “.fr” extension of the brand’s domain (as opposed to the “.com” extension used by the brand state-side). Our client (the U.S. company), was interested in obtaining the domain, but knew that American companies were often forced to pay exorbitant fees for international domains.

Vaudra’s Solution:

Knowing that many countries have different regulations tied to domain registrations & owner residency, we reviewed the cc-TLD’s registry (AFNIC) rules and readied our asset in France to assist in satisfying the underlying registration requirements. Meanwhile, we conducted extensive due diligence into the current domain owner. Based on this information, we were able to ascertain that the current owner would be willing to make a quick sale to someone other than our client. We also surmised that the potential buyer’s location would impact this seller’s asking price i.e he might demand a higher asking price from a U.S.-based buyer vs. a French local.

With this considered, we provided pertinent intel to our French asset and instructed her on the approach to the domain owner, and guided each subsequent step of the negotiations. Following local laws and procedures, our French asset ended up purchasing the domain for a fraction of the price that it would have cost our client.


Client’s Success:

The client saved thousands of dollars on a coveted domain and also avoided earning a reputation as a push-over with respect to international domain acquisitions.

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