Third-Party Infringement – Cannabis & Children’s Brand

Client’s Challenge:

A famous children’s brand discovered that their trademark was being used in connection with various types of marijuana products sold and distributed throughout the U.S.

Vaudra’s Solution:

Over the course of a year, the Vaudra team conducted investigations into a multitude of dispensaries, manufacturers, growers, cultivators, breeders, producers & distributors that were using the client’s trademark. These entities were incorporating the trademark or an alleged infringing variation in association with marijuana and its myriad of forms to include cannabis flowers, seeds, concentrate, rosin, edibles, pre-rolls, hash, vaporizer cartridges, tincture, shatter, wax & more.

We also utilized local resources in states where medicinal and/or recreational marijuana was legal to complete evidential purchases of cannabis products to secure packaging bearing the infringing trademarks.

As a result of the breadth and depth of investigations to date, the Vaudra team has developed a robust understanding of the available resources, layers and players involved in the legal manufacture and distribution of marijuana products.

With cannabis as a budding area of intellectual property and the endless propagation of potentially infringing names, it is high time for brand owners to cultivate avenues to protect themselves from those entities tripping on their trademarks.

Client’s Success:

Using the evidence obtained to support legal efforts and civil lawsuits, there was a marked decrease in online menu listings and overall availability of the infringing cannabis products at issue. Word spread like blue smoke within the cannabis industry as the brand’s expert counsel extinguished those treading on this children brand’s intellectual property.

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