Our Core Values: IPRPI

Originating as a perfect palindrome for our IPR specialty as Private Investigators, it has evolved to describe much more than our profession.

I = Integrity first

Integrity is our foundation. Our existence hinges on being honest, reliable, trustworthy & ethical in all that we do – professionally & personally. We uphold high standards of performance, conduct, & accountability for our actions, along with the impact on others. We align expectations, fulfill our commitments, & follow through on our responsibilities every time.

P = People over profits

Our emphasis centers on the well-being & shared interests of our team, clients & community over dollar signs. Our people, encompassing all those in our nexus, are the essence that make profits possible & endurance inevitable. Our mindset is to engage, nurture & invest in these relationships to compound the positive influence.

R = Results driven

Investigations are framed by achieving specific objectives. In our quest for truth, we aspire to capture the evidence and assist a win for our clients. Although facts are impartial, our overarching intention is to provide white-glove service that drives productive strategies, action & continued collaborations.

P = Persevere with purpose

Where there is a will, we will find a way. Consistent persistence & determination is ingrained in our culture. We learn from obstacles & tackling challenges. Spurred by ingenuity & curiosity, we deliver comprehensive support to those depending on us as their steadfast guardians of intellectual property.

I = Innovation & impact

We innovate to amplify our impact. Committed to continual improvement, implementing new ideas, strategies, & resources inspires constructive change that creates a ripple effect internally & externally. We are here to help & make our profession, industry & the lives of those with whom we connect better as a result of our existence.