The 4 E’s: Expertise


Part 2 of 5: Expertise

There’s a reason why people call the fire department instead of the police when they spot a structure fire. Although police officers are trained in dealing with emergencies, they don’t necessarily have the focused skills & experience to battle fires effectively. They may not know, for example, that certain fires should not be extinguished with water. They also don’t have the specialized tools and equipment required to put out a major blaze.

The same can be said for hiring practice-area specific attorneys. You would never hire a family law attorney to build your patent portfolio. Most simply wouldn’t have the experience, skills, or specific license from the patent bar needed to handle that sort of engagement. IP Investigators possess a similar level of expertise when it comes to investigating counterfeiters. After years of conducting this type of investigation, IP Investigators understand how counterfeiters operate, the scams they perpetrate, and the methods they use to hide their identities and locations. IP Investigators also have the tools and experience to combat them in spite of these tactics.

By way of example, Vaudra’s founder, Randall Rabenold, spent time as a federal law enforcement officer early in his career. When he began doing IP investigations over 25 years ago, he initially partnered with other pioneers in the field who had also worked for law enforcement agencies. Given their collective background, these investigators incorporated cutting-edge undercover tactics previously used by law enforcement and applied these methods to IP investigations. It was a strategy that had not been used on counterfeit investigations before.

Eventually, Rabenold started his own IP Investigations firm, Vaudra International. Not only does Vaudra benefit from his early experience, but they now have decades of counterfeit investigations under their belt. Over time, they have gained invaluable knowledge and experience in battling counterfeiters across the globe. For instance, they understand the modus operandi of the counterfeiters – from small-time operators to large entities operating through organized crime channels. While there may be unique nuances to every case, their foundation of knowledge is a distinct asset for an effective investigation.

The advantages of this relatable experience cannot be overstated. By employing and evolving these techniques year after year, they have built intricate knowledge of how players at all levels coordinate to sell fake products to consumers. From online resellers to counterfeit manufacturers, to distributors, to importers & exporters, IP investigators have the tools and experience needed to conduct covert investigations that can lead to arrests, seizures, forfeitures, and convictions.

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