Trademark Use Investigations


Significant time, resources and creativity were invested to develop and design your trademark. Ultimately, that trademark delivers the consumer’s first impression of your company, product or service. When verifying if a common law trademark supersedes your client’s application, compiling information to support an opposition or determining past/current/future use of an existing mark, Vaudra International is your resource to uncover the answers.

While each case may have its nuances, after conducting thousands of these investigations, we innately understand what is needed without being told, know the questions to ask and have proven methodology to uncover the facts – whether related to trademark use, trade dress or trademark infringement. Our full-time, licensed investigators expertly work your case. When looming deadlines for trademark applications or opposition filings exist, we are responsive to your time frame, often commencing such investigations within 24 hours or sooner (as necessary).

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