Why Us

Vision: Serve as a trusted beacon of security, knowledge & excellence for those tasked with safeguarding Intellectual Property.


In 2003, Vaudra International was started by business partners, Randall Rabenold & Howard Dozier. Both were known for their remarkable reputations as investigators within the private sector & prior law enforcement experience (U.S. Secret Service & Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department). Beginning their IP-related careers at Colt Investigations in the early 1990s, it was the spark that ignited Vaudra’s passion for the IP industry – a passion that Tamara Rabenold continues as she leads her dedicated team.

Our Core Values: IPRPI

Originating as a perfect palindrome for our IPR specialty as Private Investigators, it has evolved to describe much more than our profession.

I = Integrity first

Integrity is our core. We are dedicated to honesty, reliability, & accountability. Holding ourselves to exceptional standards, we honor commitments & exceed expectations.

P = People before profits

We prioritize the well-being & interests of our team, clients, & community. Recognizing that these stakeholders are key to our success & longevity, we respect, engage, nurture, & invest in these relationships.

R = Results driven

Our investigations achieve objectives, seeking truth to support our clients’ success. Beyond the facts, our intention is to deliver valuable, exceptional service that fosters effective strategies, decisive actions, & ongoing partnerships.

P = Persevere with purpose

Consistency, persistence, & humble determination are ingrained in our culture. Embracing challenges as learning opportunities, we use creativity & curiosity to turn obstacles into avenues for invention.

I = Innovate for impact

Champions of continuous improvement, we implement ideas & resources to ignite positive change. We strive to enrich our profession, industry, & the lives of those around us to make an authentic & enduring impact.

What “Vaudra” Means

Originating from a conjunction of the French verb, “valoir,” Vaudra means “to be worth.” It seemed appropriate considering our corporate emphasis to protect the worth of our clients, including their ideas, businesses & related intellectual property.



Our philosophy hinges on developing meaningful relationships, providing exceptional service & keeping our clients’ best interests at heart.

The greatest efficiencies are built from time & trust. We are appreciative & humbled to recognize that many of our clients have worked with us for over a decade. These enduring relationships, along with the confidence instilled with each case or referral, demonstrate alignment with our foundational goals of enhancing worth & value through our work. Fostering these relationships through ongoing conversation, cooperation & value-added service is at our core.


The fusion of databases, open-source intelligence (OSINT) & creativity differentiates our tradecraft. Ingenuity is our greatest attribute – discovering new avenues for information & increasing our probability of success when others have failed.
Teamwork, covert tools & outsourced resources are integrated seamlessly. Our long-arm investigative techniques expand our reach, with the flexibility to engage our international network of investigators, informants & specialists for additional support on demand.


Connect to a powerhouse that infinitely expands your reach & strives to make an impactful contribution to your long-term success with every case.