Newsletter – Awesome Autumn

As the leaves transition into a palette of autumn hues & cooler breezes abound, we love the invigorating energy of fall. During this harvest season, we are grateful for our journey & those on it with us, safeguarding trademarks at every turn. Hope you enjoy these highlights.

🌐 Domain Diplomacy: The tale of triumph in acquiring a sought-after domain reveals the power of direct negotiation. Bypassing the broker led to a significant saving, marking a milestone in our client’s rebranding journey.

🪑 Historic Chair Election: As featured by North Carolina’s Department of Public Safety & Business Today, we believe the election of the first female Chair in half a century at the North Carolina’s Private Protective Services Board (PPSB) is a testament to enduring aspirations and a symbol of progress in the investigative industry.

🏢 New Beginnings & Warm Welcomes: Our transition to a new haven was a breeze, with every corner now resonating with fresh vibes and warm welcomes. Your good wishes from afar made our move a delightful experience, and we are ever-so grateful.

🧠 Insightful Takeaways from TMAP (INTA’s Trademark Administrators & Practitioners Meeting): The enlightening discussions on emerging tech, leadership and cultural appreciation, combined with new connections, made our first TMAP incredibly memorable. Looking forward to 2024 in Philadelphia (Sept. 22 – 24).

📆 Upcoming Engagements: As we gear up for the California Lawyer’s Association 47th IP Institute and the INTA Leadership meeting, the anticipation to exchange ideas and make an impact is high. The journey of learning and growing continues!

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