Domain Acquisition – New URL for Business Expansion

Client’s Challenge:

When acquiring any intellectual property, whether domain, trademark or patent, it is critical that it be obtained without any conditions placed by the seller that would limit its future use. While not divulging the identity of the true interested party, we are thoughtful and deliberate with our words and actions as to not lie to the seller in the process about the intention or ultimate planned use for the acquisition. Our client will own the IP free & clear once the transaction is complete.

The client, an international logistics company, wished to purchase a domain that reflected an upcoming expansion of the business. If this globally recognized company approached the domain owner directly, it would almost certainly result in a premium price for the domain.

Vaudra’s Solution:

When investigating the domain owner, Vaudra learned that the registrant entity was recently part of a merger.  After confirming the rightful owner and identifying the best contact for discussions, we began negotiations. We were professionally persistent as we worked to reach an agreeable purchase price for the domain while the client’s time horizon for the expansion launch quickly approached. All the while maintaining the confidentiality of our client, we obtained a signed sales agreement from the corporation transferring the ownership to our duly registered undercover company, completing the payment, domain transfer and new private registration. Working closely with our client, we negotiated the price and facilitated a smooth process, sharing enough details to make the domain owner comfortable with the transaction, but never divulging the true buyer’s identity.

Client’s Success:

The client acquired the desired domain for an acceptable price (which was lower than our authorized budget), and had the site ready to go live in time for the company’s expansion announcement.

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