Social Media Investigation – Fakes Online Lead to Arrest

Client’s Challenge:

Vaudra located a seller utilizing social media and classified ad platforms to sell a variety of branded goods. The client was alerted to this seller’s activities, and authorized further investigation to potentially stop the counterfeit sales.

Vaudra’s Solution:

Vaudra began an undercover relationship with an online seller, which led to an in-person meeting to complete an evidentiary purchase. As a result, we were able to successfully identify the individual behind the online seller IDs. Throughout the online and in-person interactions with the individual, we gathered and documented the evidence as necessary to present the case to law enforcement on the client’s behalf. Working in conjunction with the authorities, we helped coordinate an undercover buy/bust operation. As counterfeit goods and other illicit activity often go hand-in-hand, law enforcement located additional illegal contraband during the search.

Client’s Success:

Authorities seized counterfeit product from the subject, who was charged accordingly.

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