The Infringement – Tourist Trap & Bogus Logo

Client’s Challenge:

A client received a call from an employee who was on vacation in Massachusetts. The employee had just spied a teenager wearing a shirt displaying an infringement on the company’s trademark with a Nantucket touristy twist. Upon inspecting a picture received from the employee, the client verified that the logo was bogus and its use on the shirt was not authorized. The client, not knowing anything about the origin of the shirt, doubted anything could be done to track down the infringer. Consequently, they limited our time on the case to three hours.

Vaudra’s Solution:

Vaudra investigators went to work quickly. Considering the Nantucket reference in conjunction with the infringing design, we started by tracking down leads to local tourist shops via phone and online research. Within the three-hour time limit, Vaudra was able to identify the sales outlet for that particular shirt and traced that information back to the company responsible for its creation.

Client’s Success:

Armed with this information, the client was free to pursue enforcement measures and put a stop to illicit reproduction and sales of its trademarked logo.

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