The 4 E’s: Efficiency


Many times, when people hear that a professional is specialized, they automatically assume that means their services are prohibitively expensive. That is not the case with the professionals at Vaudra. In fact, we’ve conducted market studies revealing the exact opposite.

There are two reasons for this: time efficiency and cost efficiency.

IP Investigations are what we do day in and day out. We can conduct “virtual” investigations from our offices in North Carolina to gather intelligence across the globe. We can also make it appear like we’re operating from anywhere in the world. And importantly, if we need “boots on the ground” at any location, we can quickly contact our global network of strategic partners to aid in our operations.

As a result of all this, we are able to process investigations much faster than professionals who do not do this sort of work full time. Not only are we efficient with our time, but our ability to obscure our identity and location makes it much less likely that counterfeiters will suspect they’re under investigation. Therefore, they’re less likely to engage in sophisticated games of hide and seek.

Additionally, we strive to keep our costs at a reasonable level for our clients. In fact, our market studies indicate that our rates are very competitive within our industry. Moreover, to the extent we can dovetail our services with an existing in-house or outside legal team, we can bring cost-efficiencies by handling non-legal aspects of the anti-counterfeiting operation that might otherwise fall to more-expensive and less-specialized professionals.

In today’s global and online economy, virtually every popular brand will fall victim to counterfeiting. In order to survive, brands will need to build a focused team to strategically combat the issue across the globe. Smart brands will have IP Investigators as a key component of that team.

If you have questions or want to discuss potential anti-counterfeiting strategies for your brand, please feel free to contact Vaudra International at (855) 272-6347  or e-mail (

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