140th INTA Conference – Seattle, Here We Come!

140th INTA Conference – Seattle, Here We Come!

With the 140th INTA Conference only days away, Vaudra International looks forward to making new connections and revisiting with those familiar faces whom we see each year. Considering there are 10,000+ registered attendees from over 150 countries,

Winter Food Drive

Vaudra Ltd. has started a food drive for the Charlotte area.  We’ll be collecting non-perishable items from businesses and persons in the area that would like to bring their items to our place of business.  Every year this time families go without food and we...

Vaudra at OpSec Conference

On November 2, 2011, OpSec Security is holding its second session in the Landmark IP Litigation Series, discussing the civil action – The North Face Apparel Corp. and PRL USA Holdings Inc. v. Fujian Sharing, et al. Vaudra Ltd.’s investigation created the...


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